What to

what to expect at a tournament

There are many things that distinguishes the Texas Karate League events from most martial arts tournaments. But above all, the TKL promotes a family friendly environment where sportsmanship, respect, and courtesy are expected from competitors, referees, and spectators alike in the spirit of high level martial arts competition.

New Covid Guidelines for TKL tournaments – CLICK HERE

Here are some other things that you can expect at a Texas Karate League tournament.

  • Well trained and certified Referees/Judges in black martial arts uniforms.
  • Fair and unbiased judging where safety is paramount.
  • All competitors must compete in white martial arts uniforms.
  • There is pre-registration only to participate. NO registration will be taken the day of the tournament.
  • Convenient online registration and payment available.
  • Quick and easy tournament day check-in.
  • Prompt start times.
  • Pre-assigned rings for each division.
  • Well organized and efficiently conducted tournaments.
  • 80+ divisions of Forms and Fighting.
  • Only traditional type forms (Kata/Poomse) can be done.
  • Stop-action point Fighting with foam type safety equipment worn.
  • Unique competitor trophies and awards at each event.
  • Gymnasiums with ample room and plenty of spectator seating.
  • Adult Black Belt competition is highlighted as the first event and not at the end of the day.
  • Grand Champion Black Belt Forms and Fighting awards.
  • Competitors earn rating points toward Top Ten recognition and the coveted Eagle Award.