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School Support

The Texas Karate League welcomes all martial arts styles regardless of their organizational affiliations or associations to participate in sanctioned TKL tournaments. Only a few simple and easy requirements are needed to be included as a TKL participating school/competitor.

Whether you win or lose

There are many things that distinguishes the Texas Karate League events from most martial arts tournaments. But above all, the TKL promotes a family friendly environment where sportsmanship, respect, and courtesy are expected from competitors, referees, and spectators alike in the spirit of high level martial arts competition. Our mission is to conduct quality martial arts tournaments where every competitor has a positive competition experience regardless whether they win or lose.


quick questions & answers

There are many ways to reach out if you still have questions unanswered. You can find us at one of our many social medias or call any director for answers. The best solution is to contact us by clicking here for our Contact Us Page.

It is a coveted award and trophy given to competitors in specified divisions who earned the most rating points in both Forms and Fighting during the tournament calendar year.

Yes. There is a small admission fee to every TKL tournament.

The current TKL rules and guidelines are available on the TKL website. You can view or print it out for your reference.

Yes! All martial arts styles and schools are welcomed to participate in TKL tournaments. Just be willing to follow the rules and guidelines of the League.