Marketing director/media

Director of league marketing and communications

Picture of Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald

Dan McDonald has been in the martial arts since 1973. Training in the J. Pat Burleson American Karate System, he earned his Black Belt in 1978. Master McDonald was a successful junior competitor and transitioned to the adult Black Belt division with even more success. He earned number one rankings in both Black Belt forms and fighting with the Amateur Organization of Karate (AOK). Additionally, Master McDonald was an undefeated fighter while competing in the original TKL (Traditional Karate League). Aside from his competitive record, Master McDonald owned and operated a full time Karate academy for over 20 years then merged into martial arts consulting and marketing. Currently, he concentrates on multimedia development. As the TKL’s marketing and communications director, he consults the League’s executive directors. He is responsible for maintaining the TKL’s website and social media as well as promoting the TKL to new prospective schools and organizations.