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as a tkl participating school/competitor

How to get your texas karate league invitation

The Texas Karate League welcomes all martial arts styles regardless of their organizational affiliations or associations to participate in sanctioned TKL tournaments. Only a few simple and easy requirements are needed to be included as a TKL participating school/competitor.

  • Be sponsored in or invited by any TKL Director, tournament Producer, League Advisor, League Ambassador, or Certified Referee/Judge.
  • Be willing to adhere strictly to the competition rules and guidelines.
  • Be expected to show discipline, courtesy, respect, and good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Be responsible for the behavior of oneself, students, and supporting spectators who attend.
  • Competitors must wear solid white martial arts uniforms to compete.
  • Adult Black Belt Referees/Judges must wear solid black martial arts uniforms.
  • Only traditional type (Kata/Poomse) can be performed in the Forms competition.
  • Must wear all required and approved safety equipment as stated in the TKL Rules.
  • Help promote a fun, safe and healthy competition for the best positive experience for all.