About TKL


Though the current TEXAS KARATE LEAGUE was formed in 2007, it has its roots that date back to 1990 as The Traditional Karate League. Grand Master Roy Kurban, the legendary fighting champion envisioned a better and more professional way of conducting martial arts competitions. He and a handful of other like minded black belts formed the Traditional Karate League to re-establish the martial arts traditions and professionalism that was missing from the “open” tournament concept. For the next 16 years, the League successfully hosted dozens of tournaments that included all martial arts styles. The League was envied by other tournament associations for being very organized and efficiently ran. The chaos and unprofessional environment that was common in almost every tournament out there was not found at a TKL event.

By 2006, most of the original TKL promoters were either retiring or concentrating more on their martial arts schools. So the Traditional Karate League decided to disband temporarily. In 2007, the League was re-formed as THE TEXAS KARATE LEAGUE by Master Jennifer Branch, Master Mike Johnson, Master Jackie Graves-Self, Master Eva Dubois, Master Gene Holtman, Master Wade Nelson and Master Steve Schultz. These new promoters revitalized the new TKL with fresh and innovative ideas, but more importantly, keeping the traditions and professionalism that came to be expected from the League. They had their first full tournament season by 2008. As the Texas Karate League reaches a mile-stone of 10 years, it continues to lead by example and constantly work to improve the League and competitor’s experience.

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