Seminar Registration Form

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(5-7)(8-9)(10-11)(12-13 Boys)(12-14 Girls)(14-15 Boys)(15-17 Girls)(16-17 Boys)(18-34)(35+)

In consideration of the privilege of participation in the activities of this martial arts event(Seminar), I hereby waive any claims against Texas Karate League and its affiliated schools, Seminar promoters, officials, all event facilities, Lake Arlington Baptist Church, and personnel or its agents by virtue of any personal or property injury I might sustain. I warrant that I am sufficiently skilled and experienced to participate in the Seminar and I am fully aware of the risks attendant thereto. I expressly assume all risks of whatsoever nature, kind or description attendant to or resulting from my participation in this Seminar event. I, the undersigned do hereby voluntarily submit my application for attendance and participation in this event (if applicant is under 18 years of age, this release and consent must be signed by parent or legal guardian).

I waive any type of compensation and consent to any photographic and video images taken of me in connection with said tournaments which may be used for publicity, promotion, and marketing purposes by the Texas Karate League and/or its agents. By typing your name below, you accepted all terms and conditions.