Referee and Judges

Usually, in the TKL, the center Judge in a competition ring is considered and referred to as the Head Referee or Center Referee. Any other judges are considered Side Judges. Only current TKL certified Referees/Judges are allow to officiate at TKL tournaments. The TKL conducts Referees/Judges Seminars and Clinics throughout the year to train, certify, re-certify Black Belts so they may help officiate at TKL tournaments.

All Referees and Judges are responsible for the safety of all competitors in their ring. Additionally, they are responsible for facilitating competition, enforcement of rules and guidelines, and providing a positive competition experience for all competitors. Professional conduct is expected from all Officials when interacting with fellow referees, competitors, and spectators.

The Texas Karate League values the services of our volunteer Black Belts and staff members who work tirelessly to provide the best martial arts tournaments in the industry. THANK YOU!

Copy Of TKL Rules/Guidelines for Competition

Next Referee Certification Seminar and Clinic To Be Scheduled Soon!!