Point Standings



The prestigious Eagle Award is a year end Texas Karate League recognition to competitors who have accumulated the most competition points during the year’s tournament series. The Eagle Award trophies are awarded in multiple age and rank categories including children, men and women divisions. So, the more you compete; the more point you will accumulate towards the Eagle Award.

Points are accumulated at all TKL sanctioned events as follows:

1st Place Kata/Sparring =  5 Points

2nd Place Kata/Sparring = 4 Points

3rd Place Kata/Sparring = 3 Points

Participation In Forms and/or Fighting But Did Not Place = 1 Point for each division

In Black Belt Division the winner of each division will be eligible to compete for the Grand Champion.  The Grand Champion Winner will be awarded an additional 3 points to the five they had already received.

Points will accumulate throughout the year and culminate in a year end champion in each division  towards the awardign of the prestigious  Eagle Award for Excellence.  Note that the Eagle Awards are based on both Kata and Sparring combined in each division.  This lends itself to the award going to the most rounded all around competitor in each division.  Points earned in a division will carry with the competitor as he/she advances into higher divisions.


Point Totals will be posted after the TKL board has had time to review and compile information.  If you feel there are any discrepancies with your point totals please click here to contact us or via the contact us button on the menu bar above and we will review and make any necessary corrections.

Click Here to view the current 2017 Standings for the Top 10 in Each Division

Click Here To view the current 2017 Current Point Standings for the Eagle Award

If you feel there is an error please  Click Here and give us a full description of the competitor, division, and what corrections need made.  We will review our records and contact you if we require any additional information, otherwise the changes will be made and the file updated in a timely manner.  Please check back at a later date to see if the totals reflect the changes you requested. These point standings are subject to change based on review.