Your Texas Karate League Invitation

The Texas Karate League welcomes all martial arts styles regardless of their organizational affiliations or associations to participate in sanctioned TKL tournaments. Only a few simple and easy requirements are needed to be included as a TKL participating school/competitor.

  • Be sponsored in or invited by any TKL Director, tournament Producer, League Advisor, League Ambassador, or Certified Referee/Judge.
  • Be willing to adhere strictly to the competition rules and guidelines.
  • Be expected to show discipline, courtesy, respect, and good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Be responsible for the behavior of oneself, students, and supporting spectators who attend.
  • Competitors must wear solid white martial arts uniforms to compete.
  • Adult Black Belt Referees/Judges must wear solid black martial arts uniforms.
  • Only traditional type (Kata/Poomse) can be performed in the Forms competition.
  • Must wear all required and approved safety equipment as stated in the TKL Rules.
  • Help promote a fun, safe and healthy competition for the best positive experience for all.

Get involved today by contacting the TKL for your special invitation!